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International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413

Volume 1, Issue 1 (October 2012)

  1. Influence of Different Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels on Profitability, Plant Nutrient Content, Yield and Quality in Basmati Cultivars
    Dinesh Sharma, Pardeep Kumar Sagwal, Ishwer Singh and Ajit Sangwan
    Page Number 1-4
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  2. Novel fast and Efficient Face Recognition Technique
    Shujaat Ali
    Page Number 5-9
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  3. Redesigning of Object Oriented Components to improve Quality using Reverse Engineering
    Ripanjot Kaur
    Page Number 10-13
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  4. Bandwidth Management in IEEE 802.11 WLAN: A Survey
    Navneet Singh, Ashwani Kumar Singla
    Page Number 14-19
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  5. Design of MIMO System with Enhanced Performance
    Brahm Singla and Gaurav Mittal
    Page Number 20-23
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  6. A Novel Method for the Design of Phylogenetic Tree
    Pankaj Bhambri, O.P. Gupta
    Page Number 24-28
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  7. Embedded System: A Boon in Technology
    Deepali Arora, Mini Bali
    Page Number 29-32
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  8. Software Reusability promotes High productivity and Increased Quality
    Mini Bali
    Page Number 33-35
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  9. A New Measure for M/M/1 Queueing System with Non Preemptive Service Priorities
    Indu Jindal, Shweta Sharma
    Page Number 36-41
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  10. Surface Wave Propagation in Non Homogeneous, General Magneto-Thermo, Visco-Elastic Media
    Rajneesh Kakar, K.C. Gupta, Shikha Kakar
    Page Number 42-49
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  11. Experimental Investigation of Machining of Al/SiC MMC on EDM by using Rotating and Non-Rotating Electrode
    Farman Khan, Beant Singh, C S Kalra
    Page Number 50-53
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  12. Microstrip Patch Antennas for Dual Band WLAN Applications using Rectangular, Triangular and Pentagonal Shapes of Patch
    Ruchi, Rajesh Khanna
    Page Number 54-57
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  13. Design and Application of Optimal Feedback Controller for controlling Active Vibrations
    Rachin Goyal, Amit Kumar Gupta
    Page Number 58-64
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  14. A survey of Performance Evaluation Criteria for Spam E-mail Classifiers
    Upasna Attri, Satinderpal
    Page Number 65-68
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  15. Role of Optic Sensors in Engineering and Technology
    Hardeep Singh Saini, Dr. Amit Wason
    Page Number 69-73
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  16. Design of a Wavelet Inspired Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Forecast Financial Data
    Page Number 74-80
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  17. Effect of Embedding Multiple Watermarks in Color Image against Cropping and Salt and Pepper Noise Attacks
    Balpreet Kaur1, Deepak Aggarwal
    Page Number 81-85
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  18. Performance and Analysis of Directional Edge Detectors on 3-Planar Images Corrupted with Impulsive Noise
    Loveena Sukhija, Navneet Singh Randhawa, Preeti Kaushik, Blossom Kaur, Parneet Kaur
    Page Number 86-95
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  19. FPGA Implementation of Fractionally Spaced Adaptive Equalizer using 16QAM Receiver
    Brahm Singla
    Page Number 96-99
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  20. Query Optimization using SQL Transformations
    Meenakshi Sharma
    Page Number 100-104
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  21. Circumferential shear wave propogation in Isotropic Viscoelastic Plates with a Central Circular hole
    Rajneesh Kakar, K.C. Gupta, Shikha Kakar
    Page Number 105-114
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  22. OEE Improvement by TPM Implementation: A Case Study
    Amit Kumar Gupta, Dr. R. K. Garg
    Page Number 115-124
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  23. Implementation of TPM for Enhancing OEE of small scale Industry
    Abhishek Jain, Rajbir Bhatti, Harwinder Singh Deep, Shiv kumar Sharma
    Page Number 125-135
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