IJIEASR (ISSN: 2319-4413) and IJMSSR (ISSN: 2319-4421) are monthly peer-reviewed journals. The research papers are invited for forthcoming issue.

International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413

Volume 1, Issue 3 (December 2012)

  1. A Conceptual Paper on E - Learning Technologies of 21st Century
    Mrs. Shilpi Kulshrestha, Arti Gautam
    Page Number 1-4
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  2. Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical studies of Polyaniline-PbTiO3 Composites
    Vinayak Vithal Krishnaji, Arunkumar Lagashetty, Sangshetty Kalyani
    Page Number 5-9
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  3. Study of Identification and Prediction of Faults in Rolling elements by Vibration Analysis
    Er. Jasmeet Singh, Dr.JPS Oberoi, Sanjeev Kumar
    Page Number 10-15
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  4. Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic: A Statistical Approach
    Manmeet Kaur Marhas, Anup Bhange, Piyush Ajankar
    Page Number 16-20
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  5. A Statistical Approach for Large Wireless Sensor Network
    Asha S
    Page Number 21-24
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  6. Comparison of multilevel inverters with PWM Control Method
    Vijay Kumar M.G, Manjunath D, Anil W. Patil
    Page Number 25-29
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  7. Cloud computing - Fastest Growing Technique leading to Success
    Shivani Grover, Rohit Seth, Rohit Garg
    Page Number 30-32
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    Navneet Singh, Hitesh Uppal, Retaish Uppal, Karamjeet Singh
    Page Number 33-37
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  9. A Case Study about the Implementation of Kanban Method for Fabrication Management Concerning the Manufacturing Line of the Product
    Meeta P.Chauhan
    Page Number 38-40
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  10. Modeling of Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) and Power Quality Analysis
    Kiran Kumar, Maheshan C M
    Page Number 41-48
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  11. A New Phase Sequence PAPR Reduction Technique Based On SLM And PTS Techniques
    Kamal Singh, Abhinav Dogra, Gopal Singh Naryal
    Page Number 49-55
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  12. Enriching Document Features for Effective Information Retrieval using Natural Language Query Interface
    Amisha Shingala, Dr. Paresh Virparia
    Page Number 56-58
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