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International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413

Volume 2, Issue 3 (March 2013)

  1. Multipath Routing Protocol for Congestion Control in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
    Nilima Walde, Dhananjay Singh
    Page Number 1-6
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  2. Denoising using Curvelet Transform with Improved Thresholds for Application on Ultrasound Images
    Er. Tajinder Kaur, Er. Harpreet Kaur
    Page Number 7-11
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  3. Black Hole Attack in Manet's: A Review Study
    Dr. A. A. Gurjar, A. A. Dande
    Page Number 12-14
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  4. Removal of As (III) and Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution using Khangar: Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies
    Amrita Kaushik, B.S.Chauhan, A.K.Singh
    Page Number 15-21
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  5. Not Available

  6. Performance Comparison: Optical and Magnetic Head Tracking
    Harjot Singh, Vinod Karar, Naresh Kumar, Surender Singh Saini
    Page Number 27-32
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  7. A New Hybrid Image Denoising Method using Bilateral Filter and DWT
    Nidhi Chandrakar, Devanand Bhonsle
    Page Number 33-38
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  8. Use Patterns of E-Journals from Aerospace Professional Associations by the Aerospace Scientists and Engineers of Bangalore
    R Guruprasad, P. Marimuthu, Khaiser Nikam
    Page Number 39-53
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  9. Multimedia Message Service Adoption in Algeria
    Rochdi Debili, Dileep Kumar M.
    Page Number 54-68
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  10. Deep Web Data Mining
    Supriya, Meenakshi Sharma
    Page Number 69-71
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  11. Survey on Comparative Analysis of Database Replication Techniques
    Suchit Sapate, Minakshi Ramteke
    Page Number 72-80
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  12. Cloud Storage Reference Model for Cloud Computing
    Pravin O. Balbudhe, Pradip O. Balbudhe
    Page Number 81-85
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  13. Urban Transport and Traffic Management - For Sustainable Transport Development in Mysore City
    Dr. Harish M
    Page Number 86-92
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