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International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413

Volume 2, Issue 5 (May 2013)

  1. Selecting Web Service by using Broker: A Review Study
    Gajanan P. Datir, Prof. P. A. Tijare
    Page Number 1-3
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  2. Investigating the Constructed Wetlands in the Branches of Bahr Hadous Drain to Reduce its Salinity and Increase Drainage Reuse of El-Salam Canal
    E. A. ELsayed, M. Omar
    Page Number 4-14
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  3. Mobile Fraud Detection
    Sindhu S Pandya
    Page Number 15-18
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  4. Study of Malicious Node in AODV Routing Protocols
    Bhupendra B Patel
    Page Number 19-22
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  5. Catching Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Networks using Message Authentication Code
    J.Vijayagajendran, P.Kalidas, D.Udhayakumarapandian
    Page Number 23-27
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  6. Effect of Additives on the Development of Non Autoclaved Cellular Light Weight Blocks
    Vivek Sood, Ashok Kumar
    Page Number 28-31
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  7. Building Digital Relationships through Social Networking Applications
    Barjinder Kaur, Pradeep Kumar
    Page Number 32-35
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  8. Surprising Discoveries by Recommender Systems
    Neha Pruthi, Chhavi Rana
    Page Number 36-39
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  9. A Novel Approach for Improve Detection Rate in Anomaly based Intrusion Detection System
    Leena Bramhe, Prof. Shuwesh Shukla
    Page Number 40-44
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  10. Design & Implementation of Image and Vision Computing based Intelligent Traffic Congestion Control Scheme (ITCCS)
    P. Mittal, Dr. Y. P. Singh
    Page Number 45-48
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  11. An Algorithm for Computer Generated Imagery and to Improve the General Quality of Image
    Girish Padhan, Prof. (Dr.) Y. P. Singh
    Page Number 49-54
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  12. Impact and Analysis of ICT for Empowering the Rural Masses in an Indian Perspective
    Prof. (Dr.) Y.P.Singh, Shivam Nanda
    Page Number 55-64
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  13. Reduction Formula for H' Function
    Dr. Yogesh Sharma
    Page Number 65-68
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