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International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413
Impact Factor: 4.465

Volume 4, Issue 10 (October 2015)

  1. Predictions of Online Servers of Protein Secondary Structures from Amino Acid Sequences may Differ Significantly
    Saad Subair, Hussah AlEisa
    Page Number 1-8
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  2. Optimizing the Digital Image Processing for Image Enhancement and Restoration of the Image and Information
    Er. Girish Padhan, Dr (Prof) Yash Pal Singh, Dr. Yogesh Sharma
    Page Number 9-12
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  3. Flow between Two Baffles with Unequal Lengths at Different Spacing
    M. Prabaharan, B.H.L. Gowda
    Page Number 13-20
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  4. Digital Trainer Kit
    Er. Harisharan Aggarwal, Reetika Saini, Sukhmander Singh
    Page Number 21-24
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  5. Effects of Lexical Density and Lexical Variety in Language Performance and Proficiency
    Bonala Kondal
    Page Number 25-29
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  6. Special utility of Spatial Multiplexing in Modern MIMO Systems to Supplement an Innovative Li-Fi Technology
    Prof. (Dr.) Y. P. Singh, Er. Abhishek Haridass, Aisha Akanksha
    Page Number 30-33
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