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International Journal of IT, Engineering and Applied Sciences Research (IJIEASR)
ISSN: 2319 -4413
Impact Factor: 3.084

Volume 4, Issue 4 (April 2015)

  1. Experience Based Learning Method
    Harsha L.Yadav, Chaitanya R. Wasnikar, Akshay M. Kumbhare, Tushar P. Hoge
    Page Number 1-3
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  2. Exploring Landsat 8
    Tri Dev Acharya, Intae Yang
    Page Number 4-10
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  3. Real Time Optimum Route Guidance System
    Prof. Amita Meshram, Shubham Mendhe, Vivek Darekar, Prashant Bansod, Rahul Mandhalkar
    Page Number 11-15
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  4. Auto Text Summarization
    R. Shelke, P. Sarode, Ashwini, S. Satyan
    Page Number 16-19
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  5. Design and Stability Analysis of Supervisor-based Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control System for Temperature
    Snejana Yordanova, Vladimir Yankov
    Page Number 20-29
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  6. iSearch with Remote Mobile Handling
    Lakhimale Vrushali, More Yogiraj, Patil Sonali, Raut Rohan, Prof. V. R. Waghmare
    Page Number 30-32
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  7. An Approach for Intrusion Detection and Countermeasure Selection in Virtual Network System
    Rubal Dahat, Rashmi Jain
    Page Number 33-37
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