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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 2013)

  1. Analysis of Non-Performing Assets of Tamil Nadu based Private Sector Commercial Banks in India
    Dr. M. Selvakumar, Prof. M. Anbalagan, Prof. M. Gurusamy
    Page Number 1-14
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  2. Review Paper- Study of Established Corporate Finance Tools and Its Need in Financial Decision Making of Companies, With Emphasis on Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure (With Reference to Mumbai Based Companies: Period-2002-2012)
    Mrs. S. S. Jape, Dr. Mrs. Tejal Korde
    Page Number 15-18
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  3. A Study on Identifying the Employer Image Perceived by Employees in IT Sector
    V. Subha, Dr. B. Sripirabaa
    Page Number 19-22
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  4. Rural Basic Services in India: An Overview
    Dr. Brij Pal
    Page Number 23-29
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  5. Role of Behavioral Finance in Financial Market: An Exploration of Personalities of Retail Investors
    Charu Thakral, Babita Dosajh, Vimal Aggarwal
    Page Number 30-33
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  6. Strategies of Rural Marketing in India
    Nancy Gulati, Swati
    Page Number 34-38
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  7. A Study of Profitability Performance of RRB's in India
    Niraj K Verma, V. Alagu Pandian
    Page Number 39-51
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  8. Preferences for Cold-Drinks With Special Reference to Rural Consumers of Ambala District
    Ekta Anand
    Page Number 52-55
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  9. The Plight of Slum Dwellers at Gondar City in Ethiopia
    Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 56-63
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  10. Employee Productivity of Private Sector Banks in India
    Dr. Hawa Singh, Kamlesh
    Page Number 64-79
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  11. Tax Structure in India and Effect on Corporates
    Abhishek Jha
    Page Number 80-82
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  12. Surveying the Relationship between Organizational Innovation and Organizational Agility at Ramin Power Station of Ahwaz
    Hassan Jorfi, Dr. Mohammad Feizi, Dr. Hossein Alipour
    Page Number 83-88
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  13. Surveying the Obstacle of Operational Budget Establishment at Executive Organizations in Semnan Province
    Fatemeh Peyvandi, Azaim Aslani, Mohammad Hassanzadeh
    Page Number 89-93
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  14. Job Satisfaction: an Important Factor for Instructors' In Service Training
    Mehrane Kazemian, Qader Vazifeh Damirchi, Batul Kazemi Kani, Maryam Hafezian, Shahrbanu Gholizadeh
    Page Number 94-100
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  15. Technological Change and its Impact on the Crop Economy of West Bengal
    Dr. B. C. Rudra, Dr. S. Kole
    Page Number 101-123
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  16. Emerging Capital Markets - A Broken Architecture?
    Birau Felicia Ramona
    Page Number 124-129
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