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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 2, Issue 11 (November 2013)

  1. Selection of Distribution Channels by Small and Marginal Fish Farmers in Rural India and its Impact on Fish Prices and Fish Farmers' Income Level: A Survey of Available Literature
    Swapnali Chetia Phukan, Dr. Arup Barman
    Page Number 1-5
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  2. Agricultural Extension in India
    Hrideshwer Gupta, Dr. Sharda Shinde
    Page Number 6-16
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  3. Employed Women and Marital Satisfaction: A Study among Female Nurses
    Abdul Azeez E.P.
    Page Number 17-22
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  4. Value Congruity, Identity and Store Image Formation: A Conceptualization of Consumers' Retail Store Choice Behaviour
    Dr. Sudershan Kumar
    Page Number 23-32
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  5. A Study on New MSMEs Products and its Financing of Vijaya Bank
    Srinivas K T
    Page Number 33-37
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  6. Determinants of Marketing Efficiency among Small-Holder Cocoa Marketers in Oyo State, Nigeria
    Farayola, C. O, A kintaro, O. S., Yahaya, A. A., Oni O.O.
    Page Number 38-43
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  7. Indian Ports Seeking Betterment for International Trade
    M. C. Shibin Tad, Dr. G. Ramadas
    Page Number 44-51
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  8. Empirical Study of the Weak Form of EMH on Indian Stock Market
    Dr. Kapil Jain, Paryul Jain
    Page Number 52-59
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  9. Study of Human Resource Information System in Global Milieu
    Dr. Shine David, Jyoti Jain, Dr. Kapil Jain
    Page Number 60-62
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  10. Oil Price Volatility and its Impact on The Selected Economic Indicators in India
    Dr. Kapil Jain
    Page Number 63-70
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