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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 2, Issue 5 (May 2013)

  1. Blog Marketing: A Consumer Perspective
    Shruti Chaudhary, Abhishek Jha
    Page Number 1-4
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  2. Social Technologies in Shaping and Developing Human Potential
    Ksenofontova Khalidia Zeynyatullovna
    Page Number 5-10
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  3. Macro-Economic Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Economy: An Empirical Study of Indian Economy from 1992 to 2011
    Himanshu Jain, Prof. Surendra Singh
    Page Number 11-14
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  4. Land Revenue Policy in the South-Eastern Punjab under Colonial Rule
    Kewal Krishan Amrohi
    Page Number 15-22
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  5. Innovative Ways of Teaching - Learning in Muslim Managed Academic Institutions
    Dr. Mujibul Hasan Siddiqui
    Page Number 23-28
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  6. Natural Disaster Management: Socio-Political Awareness
    Dr. Nawaz Ahmed
    Page Number 29-36
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  7. Identification of Micro Regional Disparities in The Level of Development in The Rural Areas: A Case Study of Malda District of West Bengal (India)
    Nawaz Ahmed, Nazmul Hussain
    Page Number 37-45
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  8. A Study on Factors Influencing Failure of Malls in Major Cities of Gujarat State
    Riddhi Ambavale
    Page Number 46-54
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  9. Economic Value Added in Infosys Limited
    Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Sharma
    Page Number 55-62
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  10. RTE and RTC Foods - A New Era in the Processed Food Industry "With Special Reference to MTR"
    Tazyn Rahman
    Page Number 63-67
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  11. An Analysis on Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Enterprises: In the LPG Era
    Dr. Sudhendu Giri
    Page Number 68-78
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  12. Effective Strategy for Organisational Development: With Reference to Kautilya's Arthashastra
    Sathya Narayanan SR
    Page Number 79-82
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  13. Income Tax Planning: A Study of Tax Saving Instruments
    Savita, Lokesh Gautam
    Page Number 83-91
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  14. Study on Individual, Interpersonal and Organizational Factors That Influence Occupational Stress among Higher Secondary Teachers in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu
    Dr. S. S. Jeyaraj, Dr. K. Ramamoorthy
    Page Number 92-104
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