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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 2, Issue 7 (July 2013)

  1. Theories of Karma - A Comprehensive Survey
    Prativa Shree
    Page Number 1-3
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  2. A Study of Computer Hardware and Software Services Exports of India
    G. V. Vijayasri
    Page Number 4-13
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  3. Analysis of Customer Relationship Management
    Page Number 14-16
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  4. Family and Consumer Behaviour
    Dr. K S. Chandrasekar, Vinay Raj R
    Page Number 17-20
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  5. Child Marriage in Ethiopia -A Matter of Concern
    Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 21-28
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  6. A Study on Financial Planning and Forecasting with Special Reference to HDFC Bank at Thanjavur
    R. Buvaneswari, Dr. Prakash Babu, M. Kavitha
    Page Number 29-33
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  7. Marketing & Post-Harvest Losses in Fruits: Its Implications on Availability & Economy - A Study on Pomegranate in Karnataka
    Sudharshan G.M., Anand M B, Dr. Sudulaimuttu
    Page Number 34-43
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  8. A Sociological Study on the Electronic News Media in Karnataka State
    Manjunatha S.
    Page Number 44-48
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  9. A Study of Evolution and Practice of Green Marketing by Various Companies in India
    Prof. Gurmeet Singh H
    Page Number 49-56
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  10. Financial Sector Institutions and Development in Nigeria: The Recent Trends
    Roseline Oluitan, James Kehinde
    Page Number 57-63
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  11. Share Price Movement and the White-Noise Hypothesis: The Equilibrium Approach
    Kehinde, S. James
    Page Number 64-69
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  12. Godfatherism and Political Conflicts in Nigeria: The Fourth Republic in Perspective
    Aderonke Majekodunmi, Awosika, Felix Olanrewaju
    Page Number 70-75
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  13. The Political Economy of Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria
    Aderonke Majekodunmi
    Page Number 76-81
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  14. Operational and Financial Performance Evaluation of Housing Finance Companies in India (A Case Study of LIC Housing Finance Limited and HDFC)
    Dr. P.S. Ravindra, Dr. P. Viswanadham, Ch. Trinadha Rao
    Page Number 82-91
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  15. An Analytical Approach of Issues and Challenges of Higher Education by 2022 in Indian Perspective
    Prof. (Dr.) Y.P.Singh
    Page Number 92-94
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