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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 2, Issue 8 (August 2013)

  1. A Study on Basic Legal Rights of a Common Man - An Indian Perspective
    Asma Farooque, Habibuddin
    Page Number 1-3
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  2. Women Entrepreneurs in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
    Dr. AmanDeep Singh, Manisha Raina
    Page Number 4-8
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  3. Social Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Framework
    Suchet Kumar, Kiran Gupta
    Page Number 9-14
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  4. Changes in Crop-mix and Cropping Pattern in Different Agro-climatic Zones of West Bengal with Special Reference to Terai Zone
    Dr. B. C. Rudra, Dr. S. Kole
    Page Number 15-38
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  5. Business Ethics for Inclusive Growth
    Manjit Kour
    Page Number 39-41
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  6. Correlation of Satisfaction, Commitment & Performance on Faculty Staffs' Performance at Private Institutions in Uttarpradesh (India)
    Anshu Sirohi, Dr. Nidhi Shrivastva
    Page Number 42-48
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  7. Work Place Diversity in Today's Changing Scenario: A Challenging Task
    S. A. Hussain, Dr. O. Narayana Murthy
    Page Number 49-54
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  8. Interrelationship between Capital Structure and Profitability with Special Reference to Manufacturing Industry in India
    Prof. Gurmeet Singh
    Page Number 55-61
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  9. A Sociological Study on the Emergence and Growth of Online Shopping in India
    Manjunatha S.
    Page Number 62-64
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  10. Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study of Religare Securities Maraimalai Nagar
    Josephine Lalrindiki, Dr Amit Kumar Singh
    Page Number 65-70
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  11. A Study of Customer Satisfaction towards Service Provided by Employees of Public Banks using Servqual Model with Reference to Durg-Bhilai Region
    Minal Shah, Dr. Sanjay Guha, Dr. (Mrs.) Urvashi Shrivastava
    Page Number 71-77
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  12. Utilization and Commercialization of Two MPTS (Adansonia digitata and Borassus aethiopum) in Sahelian Environment of Borno State, Nigeria
    Zira, B.D., Arifalo, E.I., Ghide, A.A., Zirah, T.
    Page Number 78-84
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  13. Perceptual Mapping of Post-Reforms Indian IPO Market vis--vis South-East Asian IPO Markets: An Attribute-based Multidimensional Scaling by Indian Lead Merchant Bankers
    Tapas Das, Seshanwita Das, Dr. Rajiv Upadhyaya
    Page Number 85-92
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  14. Rural Marketing in India: Challenges and Opportunities
    Pawan Kumar, Neha Dangi
    Page Number 93-100
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  15. Cost Effectiveness Correlation of Management Training and Development
    Dr. Iqbal Naila
    Page Number 101-107
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  16. Foreign Direct Investment in India: Regulatory Framework, Issues and Current Status
    Mamta Sharma, Satbir Singh
    Page Number 108-120
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  17. Productivity Patterns of Scientists in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University: A Bibliometric Study
    Dr. Govind D. Adhe, Dr. Madansing D. Golwal
    Page Number 121-126
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  18. Knowledge Management: The Engine that Drives a Firm's Value Chain
    Dr. Arun Sharma, Prof. Ashok Wahi
    Page Number 127-133
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  19. Foreign Direct Investment in Organized Retail: Is it Beneficial
    Monika Saini, Pawan Kumar
    Page Number 134-138
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  20. Illustrative Optimal Portfolio Selection for Agroforestry Crops: A Linear Programming Approach
    Zira, B.D., Ghide, A.A
    Page Number 139-141
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  21. A Study of the Level of Awareness & Influence of Major Factors on the Demand of Health Insurance in Maharashtra
    Renuka S Nifadkar, Dr. Anil P Dongre
    Page Number 142-149
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  22. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
    Vinny Mittal, Vivek Gupta, Aastha Gupta
    Page Number 150-154
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  23. Current Situation of Financial Inclusion in India and Its Future Visions
    Neha Dangi, Pawan Kumar
    Page Number 155-166
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  24. Globalization and the Indian Capital Market
    Ms. Fiona Jeelani, Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Ashutosh Vashishtha
    Page Number 167-174
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  25. Regression Model Approach for Out-Migration on Demographic Aspects of Rural Areas of Pauri Garhwal
    Pankaj Bahuguna, Prof. O.K. Belwal
    Page Number 175-182
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  26. A Study on Critical Review of Foreign Direct Investment AND Indian Retail Sector
    Satbir Singh, Mamta Sharma
    Page Number 183-188
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  27. Affordable Housing Provision in Kano North Western Nigeria: The Imperative for the Creation of Sustainable City
    Dankani, Ibrahim Mustapha
    Page Number 189-198
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