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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 3, Issue 1 (January 2014)

  1. District wise Prioritizing for Public Fund Utilization to Improve the HDI of Maharashtra
    Puneet Sharma, Pranjal Pachpore
    Page Number 1-3
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  2. Children's Work and Schooling - A Study
    Rajesh Ekka, Dr. Prohlad Roy
    Page Number 4-7
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  3. Orphan Problems and Community Concern in Ethiopia
    Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 8-15
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  4. The Role of Information System in Disaster Management
    M. C. Shibin Tad, Dr. K. A. Janardhanan
    Page Number 16-20
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  5. Producers and Consumers Involvement in Horticultural Products in Karnataka – Survey on Tumkur District
    Dr. D. Seetha Naik
    Page Number 21-27
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  6. Sampling Distribution of Some Special Price Index Numbers
    Jayant Dubey, Diwakar Shukla
    Page Number 28-32
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  7. A Study on Training and Development in Public Sector Banks
    Kavita Rani, Diksha Garg
    Page Number 33-37
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  8. Creative Accounting: An Empirical Study from Professional Prospective
    Brijesh Yadav
    Page Number 38-53
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  9. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Practices among Indian Companies – Myth or Reality
    Neeraj Goyal
    Page Number 54-60
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  10. Status of Homeless Population in Urban Ethiopia: A Case Study of Amhara Region
    Mushir Ali
    Page Number 61-68
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  11. Analytical Approach to Achieve Educational Excellence through TQM
    Prof. (Dr.) Yash Pal Singh, Prof. (Dr.) M. L. Chandna, Er. Harish Chandna
    Page Number 69-72
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  12. The Impact of Consumer Experience on Brand Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Brand Attitude
    Sivarajah Rajumesh
    Page Number 73-79
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  13. Application of Ancient Indian Sutras in Modern Management Framework: Towards a Sustainable Paradigm
    Prasad Patki
    Page Number 80-85
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  14. Scheduled Caste Workers in Secondary Sector of Economy in Uttar Pradesh: A Regional Analysis
    Dr. Falak Butool
    Page Number 86-92
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  15. Reflections on the Mysticism and Philosophy in Sri Aurobindo’s Poems
    Dr. T. Suneeti
    Page Number 93-96
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  16. In-Service Training of Teachers is not Valuable in Imparting Knowledge in Life Skills and Action Research
    Dr. Seema Dhawan
    Page Number 97-102
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  17. Effects of Working Capital Management on Firms Profits- Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Sector
    Rekha Gulia
    Page Number 103-107
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