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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421
Impact Factor: 3.212

Volume 3, Issue 10 (October 2014)

  1. Empowerment of Muslim Women and SHGs: Role of Professional Social Worker
    Dr. S.A.Kudachi
    Page Number 1-6
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  2. A General Study on Brand Image and Customer Expectation of Foot Wear with Reference to Thanal Resident Association
    Vinay Raj R
    Page Number 7-11
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  3. Employee Satisfaction: An Organizational Development Approach (A Case Study of BHEL Ranipur Hardwar)
    Pratik Gupta, N. K. Kamboj
    Page Number 12-15
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  4. Parents Attitude towards Girls Education among Kandha Tribes in Odisha, India
    Dr. Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 16-22
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  5. Reach of Local and Global Brands of Television in Rural Market
    Vakil Singh, Amreek Singh, Ankur
    Page Number 23-25
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  6. A Review of Genetically Modified Crops by the Use of Bio - Technology in Maharashtra
    Prof. Mrs. Sonali Anil More, Prof. Rahul P. More
    Page Number 26-29
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  7. A Perceived image of Hill Stations of the Satara District, Maharashtra- by Domestic Tourist
    Dr. Rajashri Ramesh Chavan, Dr. Sarang Shankar Bhola
    Page Number 30-43
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  8. E-Services: Critical Success Factor for Health Care Industry
    Ankur, Vakil Singh, Amreek Singh
    Page Number 44-46
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  9. An Overview of Whistleblowing Status in Various Continents Across the World
    Nimisha Bhargava, Mani K. Madala
    Page Number 47-62
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  10. Change Detection Study of Lae Urban, The Second Largest City of Papua New Guinea using Multi-temporal High Resolution Remote Sensing Data
    Wesley Tapulu, Sujoy Kumar Jana, Tingneyuc Sekac
    Page Number 63-69
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  11. Customers' Awareness and Satisfaction towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with Reference of Internet Banking
    Deepak Kumar Sharma, Anju Saharan
    Page Number 70-76
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  12. Increasing Interest of Consumers toward Private Label Brands
    Dr. Shweta Choudhary
    Page Number 77-81
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  13. Emerging Trends in Banking Services, Its Impact and Implications - A Micro Study
    Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, P. Ramakrishna
    Page Number 82-86
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  14. Technical Analysis Indicators: Pathway towards Rewarding Journey
    Bhamini Garg
    Page Number 87-93
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  15. Moral Judgement of Prospective Teachers in Relation to their Parental Behaviour and Type of Family
    Dr. Navdeep Kaur, Saru Gill
    Page Number 94-98
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