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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 3, Issue 4 (April 2014)

  1. Development of Education System in India
    Page Number 1-4
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  2. Impact of Training on Employee Efficiency: A Comparative Study
    Manik Wankhede, Dr Rajashree
    Page Number 5-8
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  3. Why Kings Leave Their Kingdom- A Study on Switching Behavior of Customers and Factors Influencing This Behavioural Trait
    Deepak Babu
    Page Number 9-13br /> Download File

  4. Role of SHGs-Bank Linkage Programme in Women Empowerment: A Block Level Study of Mewat Haryana
    Mohammed Nizamuddin, Dr. Perways Alam
    Page Number 14-20
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  5. Training Effectiveness: An Evaluation
    Manik Wankhede, Dr Rajashree
    Page Number 21-26
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  6. A Study on Financial Performance of National Housing Bank (NHB) in India
    Srinivas K T
    Page Number 27-31
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  7. Importance of Business Mathematics in Management System: An Overview
    Kamalpreet Kaur
    Page Number 32-33
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  8. Unemployment in Ethiopia: A Call for an Action
    Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 34-40
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  9. Middle East Retail: Fostering Growth despite Challenges
    Dr. Shefali Dani
    Page Number 41-47
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  10. Evaluation of Training: An Outcome
    Manik Wankhede, Dr Rajashree Gujarathi
    Page Number 48-51
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  11. Conceptualizing Green Practises:Green Your Business for Growth
    Ms. Qudrat, Dr. Jaskaran Singh Dhillon
    Page Number 52-60
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