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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421
Impact Factor: 3.212

Volume 4, Issue 5 (May 2015)

  1. Microfinance: An Approach towards Socio-Economic Development
    Udayan Karnatak
    Page Number 1-8
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  2. District wise Prioritizing for Public Fund Utilization to Improve the HDI of Bihar
    Bindia, Pranjal Pachpore
    Page Number 9-12
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  3. Customer Relationship Management in Banks
    Shivani Malhan
    Page Number 13-26
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  4. Measuring the Efficiency of PSBs in India: A Cross Sectional Analysis
    Dr. Jyoti
    Page Number 27-34
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  5. Viral Marketing: A Concept of Paradigm Shift in Marketing
    Sunny Dawar, Prince Dawar
    Page Number 35-38
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  6. Interstate Comparison of Poverty Status in India
    Page Number 39-43
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  7. A Comprehensive Sustainability Index (CSI): A Balanced Social, Economic & Environmental Approach
    Siddhartha Kushwaha
    Page Number 44-49
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  8. Performance Appraisal: Dimensions of Retention and Management Strategies
    Vijay Kumar
    Page Number 50-51
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  9. Rural Markets: Untapped Treasure
    Tamanna Goel
    Page Number 52-56
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  10. Factor Analysis: A Multivariate Tool to Study Bank Sector
    Devina Upadhyay, Dr. Chetnabhavsar
    Page Number 57-61
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  11. An Investigation into Inclinations in Teaching Learning and Related Prospective Technologies
    Rajesh Timane, Priyanka Wandhe
    Page Number 62-66
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  12. An Overview of Indian Banking Industry
    Sunindita Pan
    Page Number 67-71
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  13. A Study on Promotional Strategies of Ice-cream Industry with Reference to Ernakulum District
    Dr. Vinay Raj R
    Page Number 72-75
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  14. Training in Soft Skills and Its Importance
    Ritu Singh Bhal
    Page Number 76-81
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  15. Effect of Advertisements on Children with Special Reference to Confectionery Products
    Divyang Tiwari
    Page Number 82-86
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  16. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Internet Marketing
    Tulsi Raval
    Page Number 87-91
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  17. Growth and Development of Mutual Fund Industry in India
    Dr. K. Mallikarjuna Rao
    Page Number 92-99
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  18. Achievement in Mathematics of Secondary School Students in Relation to their Numerical Aptitude
    Prof. Puran Singh, Naveen Kumar
    Page Number 100-103
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  19. Industry-Academia Collaboration at Higher Education (Creating Win-Win Situation through CSR)
    Rishish Mishra, Dr. Kushendra Mishra
    Page Number 104-109
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  20. Socio-economic Profile of Farmers Supplying Horticultural Produce to a Vegetable Market in Punjab
    Anandvir KaurSaini, Khushvir Singh Saini
    Page Number 110-114
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  21. Evolution of U.S. Sanctions against Iran
    Shivangi Sharma
    Page Number 115-125
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