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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421
Impact Factor: 3.212

Volume 4, Issue 6 (June 2015)

  1. A Study on Employee Experience, Perceptions and Expectations about Human Resource Professional's Role as Change Agents
    Rahul Agarwal
    Page Number 1-8
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  2. A Study on Employer Branding and Its Impacts on Employee's Attraction and Retention
    Shivani Goswami, Rahul Agarwal
    Page Number 9-15
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  3. Minimizing Rental Cost in 2-Machine Flowshop Sequencing Problem
    Laxmi Narain
    Page Number 16-20
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  4. Bonded Labour
    Ramanjeet Kaur
    Page Number 21-25
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  5. Maintaining Ecological Sustainability through Hospitality Industry: A Need of the Hour
    Sandeep Dhankar, Aarti, Sandeep Raheja
    Page Number 26-30
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  6. The Impact of Derivatives on Spot Market Volatility: A Study on S&P CNX Nifty, India
    Rajni Sinha
    Page Number 31-42
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  7. Millennial Men and Women: Is There a Variation in the Expectations of Both the Genders from Their Employer with Regards to its 'Management Approach' and 'Culture'
    Neelam Kshatriya
    Page Number 43-47
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  8. Financial Inclusion among Private School Teachers in Aizawl
    Vanlalmuana, Dr. Hariom Gupta
    Page Number 48-53
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  9. FDI: Role in Indian Economy
    Pawan Kumar, Ritika
    Page Number 54-59
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  10. Role of Banks in Financial Inclusion
    Neha Garg
    Page Number 60-65
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  11. Spatial Distribution of Health Care Facilities in Rural Bist Doab (Punjab)
    Anandvir Kaur Saini, Dhian Kaur
    Page Number 66-70
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  12. Understanding Online Knowledge Sharing Communities: A Qualitative Research Approach through a Group Leader's Experience
    Padhmanabhan V.
    Page Number 71-76
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  13. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Role in an Educational Institute
    Dr. Ruchi Singhal, Rama Rani
    Page Number 77-82
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  14. Globalization and Liberalization - Emerging Issues and Challenges
    Sonika, Anu Rani
    Page Number 83-87
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  15. Are Women More Loyal Customers Than Men? Gender Differences in Loyalty to Firms and Individual Service Providers
    Sonal Saxena, Parmanand Barodiya, Megha Soni
    Page Number 88-91
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