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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421
Impact Factor: 3.212

Volume 4, Issue 7 (July 2015)

  1. Attitude of the Neighbours of Mental Retarded Children towards Mental Retardation of Bhiwani District
    Naveen Kumar
    Page Number 1-5
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  2. Role of Cooperative Banks in Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth of India
    Dr. Bimal Jaiswal, Saloni Bhasin
    Page Number 6-18
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  3. Traditional Leaf Plate Making: Its Impact on the Livelihood of Scheduled Caste Women of Mayurbhanj District, Odisha, India
    Dr. Bimal Kanta Nayak
    Page Number 19-25
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  4. The Review of Corporate Social Responsibility of Selected Large Scale Establishments in India Post Companies Act 2013
    Bapat Shweta
    Page Number 26-33
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  5. Disparity in Basic Infrastructure and Services Development: A District Level Study in Odisha
    Prasanta Kumar Pradhan, Subas C Kumar
    Page Number 34-39
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  6. Amalgamation of Real and Unreal: Magic Realism in the Fiction of Walker, Morrison, Naylor and Shange
    Kusumita Mukherjee
    Page Number 40-45
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  7. Impact of Maggi Row in India
    Neha Garg
    Page Number 46-52
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  8. Analysis of Five Year Plan in India
    Page Number 53-57
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  9. Performance Management through People
    Prof (Dr.) D. S. Chaubey, Dr. K. R. Subramanian
    Page Number 58-67
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  10. Relevance of E-Resources under N-List Programme
    Geeta Rani
    Page Number 68-73
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  11. A Study on the Development of Healthcare Facilities in Kerala State, India
    Shyni M. C.
    Page Number 74-78
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  12. Trade Unions in APSRTC - A Study of Select Unit
    Guguloth Raju
    Page Number 79-83
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  13. Obesity and Cardiovascular Mortality: Reflections from Rural Bist Doab (Punjab)
    Anandvir Kaur Saini
    Page Number 84-87
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  14. An Analysis of Challenges and Future Prospects of Woman Education and Skill Development in India
    Dr. Bimal Jaiswal, Astha Sharma, Dr. Manjari Awasthi, Saloni Basin
    Page Number 88-92
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  15. Psychological Capital and Work-life Balance: A Study on Police Officers
    Dr. Chandrani Sen, Himangini R Hooja
    Page Number 93-96
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  16. Challenges of Resources in Pre-Press for Sheet-Fed Offset Printers in Hisar City, Haryana (India)
    Sanjeev Kumar, Satayawan
    Page Number 97-100
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  17. Party System in India: A Review
    Geeta Rani
    Page Number 101-103
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  18. Interest Rate Risk Management: A Comparative Study of State Bank of India and ICICI Bank
    Dr. Shashi Srivastava, Dr. Divya Srivastava
    Page Number 104-110
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