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International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR)
ISSN: 2319 -4421

Volume 6, Issue 12 (December 2017)

  1. Benevolence Recognizes Dispensation and Its Effect on Customer Reconciliation in the Banking Sector in India
    Jitendra V. Trivedi, Research Scholar, JRN Rajasthan University, Rajasthan
    Dr. Hina Khan, Professor, JRN Rajasthan University, Rajasthan
    Page Number 1-5
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  2. Significance of Ethics in Banks
    Manjit Kour, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh
    Page Number 6-9
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  3. Green Marketing Strategy in IT Sector: A Conceptual Review
    Rishika Sharma, Research Scholar, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
    Dr. Bhumija Chauhan, Assistant Professor, ISIM, Jaipur
    Page Number 10-21
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  4. The Impacts on India's Growth Rate through Demonetization and GST
    Gheesa Lal, Research Scholar, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
    Dr. Manish Badlani, Assistant Professor, Government Engineering College, Ajmer, RTU, Kota
    Page Number 22-27
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  5. Law on Female Foeticide in India
    Puneet Bafna, Associate Professor, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur
    Page Number 28-29
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  6. A Comprehensive Literature Review of Effect on Employees Welfare in Service Industries
    Neha Rathore, Research Scholar, Faculty of Management, Institution of Management Studies, B.J.S. Rampuria Jain College, Bikaner
    Dr. Manish Tanwar, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, Institution of Management Studies, B.J.S. Rampuria Jain College, Bikaner
    Page Number 30-32
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  7. Protection of Human Rights of Prisoners under Indian Constitution: An Overview
    Dr. Rahul Tripathi, Associate Professor, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
    Page Number 33-36
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  8. How the Gandhian Thought Fostered Nationalism in India
    Ujjawal Kumar Singh, Research Scholar, Department of History, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Madhya Pradesh
    Page Number 37-42
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  9. Work Culture Impact on Structural Capital in Intellectual Capital Management
    Dr. Shaik Rahamath Bee, Professor, Sri Indu PG College, Hyderabad
    Dr. P. Sree Devi, Chairman, BOS for MBA, HOD, BS&HSS, JNTUK Engineering College, Vizianagaram
    Page Number 43-50
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  10. A Study on Relationship between Levels of Locus of Control on Job Involvement with Reference to Private Sector Bank Employees
    Dr. S. Poongavanam, Assistant Professor, AMET Business School, AMET University, Chennai
    Page Number 51-55
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  11. A Review of Indian Power Sector Pre and Post-Reforms
    Poorva Bansal, Research Scholar, Teri School of Advanced Studies, Delhi
    Page Number 56-60
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